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MarketGlass™ is our proprietary market research platform. We are proud to claim early adoption of artificial intelligence and blockchain in our research methodologies. Our platform has constantly evolved with improved algorithms based on user experiences. We're still adjusting the knobs and your feedback will always make it better.

MarketGlass™ enables decentralized enterprise-level B2B engagements within participating enterprises and cross pollinating them across other competitive outfits worldwide. The platform is unique in the industry fully enabled to unlock creativity and market knowledge of experts worldwide in a cohesive and collaborative manner. Our proprietary state-of-art tools bring world class market perspectives while protecting participants' privacy and identity. Influencer Rank based validation of thousands of primary responses are weaved into refined data clusters and catalyzed for bite-sized easy consumption.

  •     Global Domain Expert Panels
  •     Research Validation by Influencer Rank
  •     Enterprise-Wide Peer-2-Peer Collaboration
  •     Cross-Pollinated Insights Enterprise-2-Enterprise
  •     Interactive Questionnaires & Dashboards
  •     Data Simulation for Bespoke Report Generation
  •     AI-embedded Primary & Secondary Research
  •     Blockchain Secured Participants' Validation

Curating Secondary Content

Our proprietary search sequencing technology allows multi-dimensional multi-modality deep searches 7000 times faster than the human ability to process. Each search goes beyond keywords, filtering out self-serving fictitious data sources that push biased content through social and conventional channels. Third-party sources such as legacy websites, blogs, social posts, rewrites, press releases, etc., make claims and publish bold facts that are disingenuous marketing content that is often biased. Our multi-tiered adaptive learning algorithms dig deep into the content and set level-2 tags to eliminate fictitious content. Once tagged, our embedded AI filters will automatically recognize all future repetitive patterns from the same source. All clean heterogenous content is collated into homogeneous structured intelligence.

Over the past three years, our platform curated 141 million original links, tagged 1.7 million sources as clean, and permanently invalidated 6+ million sources.

Global Market Influencer

Market influencers driving decisions at competitive firms worldwide enrich our projects with current actionable intelligence. We're currently tracking 3.2 million market influencers across 240,000 companies worldwide that are profiled and prepped for our ongoing research projects. In the first half of 2019 our primary research outreach contacted more than 800,000 influencers for ongoing projects. We're currently tracking 430,000+ engagements from 67,000+ market influencers.

Primary Outreach - Our email outreach initiatives are mobile friendly - given that about half of all survey emails are opened on smartphones. Also, more than 20% of survey interactions come from mobile devices. Filters are set at a standard benchmark of 20 qualified responses for data on every segment in every geographic region covered. We use a combination of email, snail mail and telephone outreach for best results.

Enterprise-Level Home Turf - Our primary research platform encourages participants to collaborate with colleagues within their enterprise. If the host participant chooses to purchase a license, we extend complimentary copies to all participating colleagues. This has been a great motivator for drawing participants. Collaborative team efforts encourage creative energy and always yield the best results.

Across Enterprises - Our platform masterfully navigates multi-dimensional multi-modality cross-pollination of ideas. In a winner-take-all enterprise-level market mindset, influencers tend not to share critical data about their companies and less likely to publicly comment on primary competitors. Our innovative platform successfully overcomes this hurdle by protecting participant identity of individuals and companies while securely validating their inputs.

Cluster of Clusters - Our collaborative enterprise-level primary research draws insights from within each participating company to feed into a cluster of similar responses across competitive firms. The fully validated data is clustered for every data point - product/service segment, year, and geography.

Pre-existing 30-year historic data - Building upon a strong layer of pre-existing original data, our search techniques dig deeper for effective junk filtration. More than 92% of our current ongoing projects offer a 10-year historic review.

Admin Control - Market analytics are recomputed whenever the validated data variances exceed a 5% (+/-) tolerance. Internalized alerts help our experienced senior industry analysts to monitor and administer changes.

Project-focused Research Never Stops! - Our ongoing research process helps to continuously obtain improved results and tighter tolerances. With each updated iteration, each project effectively moves up the value chain and expert-level, yielding unique perspectives.