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Gale Pacific Ltd. - Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights


This report presents quick facts about Gale Pacific Ltd., which is principally involved in providing Screening, Shading and Home Improvement Products. Illustrated with 2 tables, the report showcases the company's sales performance, key markets and market position as against its competitors operating in the industry.

Code: PCP-35100
Price: $100
Company Type: Public
Pages: 4
Date: February 2016
Market Data Tables: 2

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Table 1: Gale Pacific Ltd.’s Sales by Geographic Region Worldwide (2014-2015) in Percentage for Australasia, China & Eurasia, Americas and Middle East/North Africa......3
Blinds and Shades......4
Table 2: Blinds and Shades Market by Category in the US (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Value for Contract Outfitters, Home Furnishings Wholesalers, and Specialty Home Furnishings Stores......4