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Altona Energy Plc (UK) - Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights


This report presents quick facts about Altona Energy Plc, which is principally involved in the Evaluation and Development of Coal to Chemicals Plant. Illustrated with 2 tables, the report showcases the company's recent news stories and events, key markets and market position as against its competitors operating in the industry.

Code: PCP-20880
Price: $100
Company Type: Public
Pages: 5
Date: May 2016
Market Data Tables: 2

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Table 1: Exploration, Design & Construction Market by Source in China (2014) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Value for Coal-to-Chemicals, Inorganic, Petrochemical, Refining, and Others......3
Table 2: Market Shares of Leading Coal-to-Chemical Converters in China (2014) - Percentage Breakdown by Capacity for China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd., Coal Power Fugu Hengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Fund Energy Changzhou Chemical Development Co., Ltd., huahong Huijin Co., Huating Coal Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia ChinaCoal Mengda New Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd., Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., Qinghai Damei Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Co., Ltd., Shandong Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Shenda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Shanxi Coking Group Co., Ltd., Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd., Shenhua Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd., Sinopec Group, SXYCPC-Yan'an Energy & Chem, Yulin Energy and Chemical Ltd., Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group, Zhong'an United Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd., and Others......4