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Ceres Power Holdings Plc (UK) - Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights


This report presents quick facts about Ceres Power Holdings Plc, which is principally a Developer of Fuel Cell Technology. Illustrated with 4 tables, the report showcases the company's recent news stories and events, key markets and market position as against its competitors operating in the industry.

Code: PCP-10373
Price: $200
Company Type: Public
Pages: 6
Date: May 2016
Market Data Tables: 4

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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells......2
Table 1: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Market by Technology in Canada (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Volume for Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Proton Exchange Membrane, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, and Others......2
Table 2: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications Market by Sector in Canada (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Volume for Hydrogen Production and Fueling Infrastructure, Large Stationary, Mobile Auxiliary Power, Monile Primary Power and Drive Train, Portable (Including Micro), Small Stationary, and Others......3
Fuel Cells......4
Table 3: Primary Lithium Battery Market by Product Worldwide (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Value for High-Temperature Cell, Normal Lithium Primary Battery (Li/SOCI2), and Special Fuel Cell......4
Table 4: Advanced Energy Market for Electricity Generation Segment by Type in the US (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Value for Fuel Cells and Other Distributed Generation, Gas Turbines, Hydro, Solar, Wind, and Others......5