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EID-Parry (India) Ltd. (India) - Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights


This report presents quick facts about EID-Parry (India) Ltd., which is principally involved in the Manufacture and Distribution of Sugar. Illustrated with 11 tables, the report showcases the company's sales performance, key markets and market position as against its competitors operating in the industry.

Code: PCP-09542
Price: $550
Company Type: Public
Pages: 13
Date: January 2016
Market Data Tables: 11

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Table 1: EID-Parry (India) Ltd.'s (Operations) Sales by Product Segment (2014-2015) in Percentage for Farm Inputs, Sugar, and Others......3
Table 2: EID-Parry Ltd.’s Sales by Geographic Region Worldwide (2013-2014) in Percentage for North America, Europe, Rest of the World and India......4
Table 3: EID-Parry Ltd.’s Sales by Product Segment Worldwide (2013-2014) in Percentage for Sugar, Raw Sugar, Bio and Nutra Products, Power, Distillery and Organic Manure......5
Table 4: EID-Parry Ltd.’s Sales by Business Segment Worldwide (2013-2014) in Rs Lakhs for Sugar, Cogeneration, Distillery and Bio Products......6
Table 5: EID-Parry Ltd.’s Revenues by Category Worldwide (2013-2014) in Percentage for Manufactured Goods and Traded Goods......7
Table 6: Sugar Production by Region Worldwide (2014) - Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Volume for Australia, Brazil, China, European Union, India and Thailand......8
Table 7: Sugar Consumption by Country Worldwide (2014) - Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Volume for Brazil, China, European Union, India, Russia, US and Others......9
Table 8: Sugarcane Production in India (2014) in Thousand Metric Tons......10
Table 9: Sugarcane Production by Component in Swaziland (2015) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Volume for Large Growers, Large Millers and Estates and Others......11
Table 10: Market Shares of Leading Sugar Producers by Value Sales in the US (2014) - Percentage Breakdown for Amalgamated Sugar Co., Domino Foods, Inc., Imperial Sugar Company, United Sugars Corporation and Others......12
Table 11: Market Shares of Leading Sugar Producers in Russia (2015) - Percentage Breakdown by Value for Dominant Group, Prodimex Group, Razgulay Group, Rusagro Group, Sucden Financial Limited, and Others......13