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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (USA) - Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights


This report presents quick facts about Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which is principally involved in Cruise Business. Illustrated with 9 tables, the report showcases the company's sales performance, key markets and market position as against its competitors operating in the industry.

Code: PCP-00997
Price: $450
Company Type: Public
Pages: 12
Date: September 2015
Market Data Tables: 9

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Table 1: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.’s Revenues by Category Worldwide (2013-2014) in Percentage for Passenger Ticket, Onboard and Others......3
Table 2: No. of Passengers Travelling through Cruise Lines by Region Worldwide (2014) - Percentage Breakdown Volume for Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and Ireland, USA, and Rest of the World......5
Table 3: Leisure Travel Market in Brazil (2014) in R$ Million......6
Table 4: Leisure Travel Market by Category in Brazil (2014) - Percentage Share Breakdown by Value for Food, Hotel & Transportation, Tours, Transfers, and Gifts......7
Table 5: Travel & Tourism Market in Brazil (2014) in R$ Million......8
Table 6: Inbound Tourism Trips Market in China (2014) in Millions......9
Table 7: Outbound Tourism Trips Market for Chinese Residents (2014) in Thousands......10
Table 8: Market Shares of Leading Cruise Liners Worldwide (2014) - Percentage Breakdown by Volume for Carnival Cruise Lines, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation Ltd., Royal Caribbean Ltd., and Others......11
Table 9: Market Shares of Leading Travel Agency Companies in Brazil (2014) - Percentage Breakdown by Value Sales for CVC Brasil, and Others......12