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Remote Cardiac Monitoring Trends


The report analyzes and presents an overview of Remote Cardiac Monitoring market worldwide. "Remote cardiac monitoring is one of the latest approaches for home electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring of individuals who are either at a risk of developing arrhythmias or with suspected cardiac arrhythmias. Designed to be implanted or worn externally, remote cardiac monitoring devices can record patient information both intermittently and continuously. These systems incorporate a remote communication device that receives vital data from implants and transmits the information through a mobile telephone or landline network to a remote monitoring service center or a secure server. The information is securely encrypted to ensure patient confidentiality, and includes stored electrograms and arrhythmia episode reports along with status of implanted device integrity."

Supported by 1 market data table, the report provides a brief overview on Asian market along with several strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. In addition, 39 companies operating in the Remote Cardiac Monitoring arena worldwide including Biomedical Systems, CardioComm Solutions Inc., CardioNet Inc., eCardio, LifeWatch AG, Medtronic Inc., Preventice Inc., Rex Healthcare, Sorin Group, VectraCor Inc., and others are profiled.

Code: 146582
Price: $950
Companies : 39
Pages: 16
Date: July, 2014
Market Data Tables : 1

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