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Visible Light Communication (VLC) Trends


The report analyzes and presents an overview of Visible Light Communication (VLC) market worldwide. "The use of light as a means of communication has been practiced since ancient times. In the modern world, the light has found a new application in the form of visible light communication (VLC), an innovative technology designed for data transmission. The VLC concept represents a communication medium that utilizes visible light between 780nm and 375nm as the carrier. As the technique operates on same principles used by Wi-Fi, it is also termed as Light Fidelity or Li-Fi. The advanced approach involves the use of LEDs to provide lighting and high-speed wireless communication simultaneously. The LED bulbs are made to switch 'on' and 'off' rapidly to generate a stream of binary digits, 1 for 'on' and 0 for 'off' state. However, the flickering or light modulation is rapid enough to be detected by human eye. The next-generation technology holds immense potential to solve some of the major concerns faced by the communication industry such as increasing spectrum congestion, reducing usable bandwidth, data security risks as well as health consequences caused by the exposure to high levels of microwaves and radio frequencies."

Supported by 1 market data table, the report provides a brief overview on the primary advantages of VLC technology, Key Consortiums to Direct VLC Technology, and VLC Standards along with the research activities of research institutes namely Heinrich Hertz Institute (Germany), University of Strathclyde (Scotland), and Visible Light Communications Ltd. (UK). Additionally, the report discusses future trends of VLC market along with several strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. In addition, 11 companies operating in the Visible Light Communication (VLC) arena worldwide including ByteLight, Casio Computer Co. Ltd., Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, IBSENtelecom, Lightbee, LVX System, Next-Generation and Wireless Communications Laboratory, Oledcomm, Outstanding Technology Co. Ltd., pureLiFi Ltd., and Supreme Architecture, Inc. are profiled.

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Date: August, 2014
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