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Planar Transistor Trends


The report analyzes and presents an overview of Planar Transistors market worldwide. "Planar transistor is an advanced electronic device, which remained as the core component for designing integrated circuits and microprocessors for the last few decades. Designed using diffusion and etching technique, the junction of these transistors remain unexposed during fabrication within a single plane. These junctions are also characterized by higher gain and lower leakage current. Planar transistors also include a silica passivation layer for offering protection to junction edges against contamination."

The report provides a review of market prospects, design process, a comparison with FinFET, a brief introduction of Tri-Gate transistor, along with the corporate initiatives of key companies worldwide. In addition, 13 companies operating in the Planar Transistors arena worldwide namely Changzhou Galaxy Microelectronics, Continental Device India Ltd., Fairchild Semiconductor, HSMC Corporation, Kingtronics International Company, NTE Electronics, ON Semiconductor Corporation, Shenzhen Topksy Technology Company Ltd., Soitec SA, ST Microelectronics, SuVolta Inc., TT Electronics - Semelab Ltd., Weitron Technology Co., Ltd. are profiled.

Code: 146469
Price: $950
Companies : 13
Pages: 10
Date: May, 2014
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