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3D Packaging Trends


The report analyzes and presents an overview of 3D Packaging market worldwide. "3D Packaging technology is an advanced approach used to vertically stack semiconductor components such as diodes, ICs and MOSFETs for reducing the footprint area of a printed circuit board (PCB). The ability of 3D Packaging to deliver additional functionality per unit of application space makes it a major volumetric packaging approach for router, switching equipment, base station and server memory applications. The technology would ultimately replace its predecessor 2D Packaging architectures from advanced mobile applications such as smartphones, game consoles, tablets and digital cameras."

Supported by 3 market data tables, the report provides a review of evolution of 3D Packaging architectures, comparison of 2D Vs. 3D Packaging and various of types of 3D packaging including Stacked Die Packaging, Stacked Package, Package on Package (PoP), System in Package (SiP), Wire Bond Packages, Ball Grid Array (BGA), Flip Chip Packages, and Chip Scale Package (CSP). The report also highlights on future markets trends along with several strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. In addition, 36 companies operating in the 3D Packaging arena worldwide including Amkor Technology Inc., Elmos Semiconductor AG, Flipchip International LLC, Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Invensas Corporation, Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd., Powertech Technology Inc., STATS ChipPAC Ltd., STMicroelectronics, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH and others are profiled.

Code: 146170
Price: $1450
Companies : 36
Pages: 28
Date: May, 2014
Market Data Tables : 3

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