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In-Line Process Viscometer Trends


"Viscometers, or viscosimeters as they are sometimes called, are analytical instruments used in laboratory, factory, and field settings for measuring the viscosity of fluids wherein the measurement values remain constant under different flow conditions. These devices differ from rheometers, which generally are used in cases where the viscosities of liquids get altered with the flow conditions. Viscometers primarily use the sensors and processors for calculating the drag caused due to the relative movement of the flowing liquid through a stationary surface, or vice versa."

Supported by 1 market data table, the report provides a review of various types and applications of Viscometers. The report also highlights on future market trends along with several strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. In addition, 31 companies operating in the In-Line Process Viscometer arena worldwide including Aquafil Engineering GmbH, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc., Fungilab SA, Grace Instrument, Hydramotion Ltd., Lisco Analytical APS, Marimex America LLC, Norcross Corporation, Sekonic Corporation, VAF Instruments, and others are profiled.

Code: 146111
Price: $950
Companies : 31
Pages: 11
Date: May, 2014
Market Data Tables : 1

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